Sign Language Interpreting

Writing, Editing



Interpreting:  Vital communication can and does happen anywhere and everywhere, including at job trainings and meetings, workshops and conferences, theatre and performing arts events, hospitals and doctors’ offices, grade school gymnasiums and college classrooms. Amy has experience in all of these venues and more, and has the skills to interpret within the incredible language-ranges of colloquial to academic English, and American Sign Language to signed English. Additionally, Amy is uniquely qualified for interpreting in life science communication settings such as nature- and biology-themed field trips, science courses, and medical situations beyond the routine office visit.

Writing, Editing, Wordsmithing: If you are seeking printed or published words for an article, brochure, Web site, or event materials, please be in touch. Topics of interest include biological sciences, human-animal relationships, animal communication, languages and linguistics, world cultures, food, cooking, gardening and horticulture. If Amy isn’t familiar with your topic, suggest the project anyway. She’s super creative and LOVES to research.

Mentoring:  Seeking support while bridging the gap between your interpreter training program and certification? Want extra eyes (or ears) on your interpreting work to notice tendencies or patterns? Amy offers insight as an experienced mentor and mentee, and she has a deeply-held philosophy of lifelong learning. She believes effective communication is clear and accurate and understandable and appropriate. If you agree, let’s talk ‘terping!